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  • Full Length Lumbar Support

    £19.99 (£23.99 inc vat)

    The full-length lumbar support is designed to give the user full back support and comfort. This cushion has super hold strapping features for secure attachment and height adjustment. The cushion is both firm and soft and can be used in the car, office, and home._

  • Gel Feel Cushion

    £21.99 (£26.39 inc vat)

    This unique gel and foam feel structured cushion will give the user greater comfort and support when sitting down. This cushion also increases the height improving all-around visibility and confidence. This cushion also contains a lightweight breathable cover and is suitable for the car, home and garden._

  • Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion

    £19.99 (£23.99 inc vat)

    This Anti-slip memory foam cushion is the perfect item to have in either your car, office, home or garden. This cushion is designed to reduce lower back strain and helps prevent soreness and fatigue associated with sitting for long periods of time. The cushion is both firm enough to support and soft enough to be comfortable. The cover for the cushion can be unzipped for easy cleaning.

  • Mini Lumbar Support

    £13.99 (£16.79 inc vat)

    We often find that a majority of our customers are affected with lower back pain. For this reason, we stock this effective Mini Lumbar Support_ designed to offer the user_ ultimate lower back support. As a result, the cushion is firm enough to support and soft enough to be comfortable. The cushion has multiple strapping for secure attachment and height adjustment._

  • Sag Infill Leveling Cushion

    £19.99 (£23.99 inc vat)

    This innovative cushion has been specially designed to counteract wheelchair seat sag allowing better posture and comfort. In addition, the cushion is manufactured from dense, fire-retardant memory foam and is complete with a lightweight wipe clean cover._

  • Seat Softener Cushion

    £29.99 (£35.99 inc vat)

    The seat softener cushion is designed for you to have the comfort and support you deserve whilst in the car, office or at home. Made for practicality, the seat softener is easily fitted with elasticated straps. Moreover, this cushion contains an anti-slip rubber base, and is cleaned by using wipes._ You no longer have to worry about back pain with this cushion._

  • Soft Leather Neck Cushion

    £8.99 (£10.79 inc vat)

    This comfortable neck cushion is ideal for long journeys in the car, plane or simply just watching TV at home. The cushion has a super leather feel which is firm to support your neck, whilst being soft enough to ensure you have a comfortable experience. As a result, you will never have to worry about neck ache again._

  • Turning Cushion

    £19.99 (£23.99 inc vat)

    The Posture Turning Cushion is an anti-slip 360 degree swivel base cushion with memory foam. This cushion is ideal for most types of vehicles, or for home use. This product is not suitable for car seat bases that have high sides.

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