Wheeled Walkers

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  • Lightweight Rollator

    From £179.99

    This rollator is the ideal accessory to have for trips and days out. The Lightweight Rollator features a comfortable, padded seat so that you can stop and rest wherever, and a handy storage compartment located under the seat. The lightweight walker’s storage compartment can be easily accessed and has enough room for your personal items or shopping.

    The 4 large wheels provide you with extra stability when walking, whilst making turning much easier. In addition to this, the walkers also feature easy to use brakes so that it can stay still when you’re using the seat. When the rollator is not in use, it can be folded flat making it ideal for transportation or storage.


  • Lightweight Tri-Wheel Walker


    This Tri-Wheel Walker is based around a frame that has been manufactured from aluminium, making it very light to pick up and use (5kg). The lightweight tri-wheel walker is specially designed to make it easier for you to lift it in and out of the car. This walker features height adjustable handles and has ergonomic hand grips which distribute pressure more evenly._

    The walker can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you the stability and confidence wherever you go. The Tri-Wheel walker can also easily be folded. It is equipped with cable brakes that can be locked into place._

  • Tri Walker Bag

    £11.99 (£14.39 inc vat)

    The Tri Walker Bag is an easy to attach vinyl bag specially designed to fit on 3 wheel walkers. This product is the perfect accessory to take with you for shopping and ensuring your shopping bags stay in place. The bag is made from leather looking material and is water resistant. The walker bag does_not prevent the walker from being folded – provided that the bag is empty.

  • Uniscan Triumph Bag

    £23.99 (£28.79 inc vat)

    This bag attaches to the frame of a Uniscan Triumph, giving the walker additional storage space for your essentials. This bag is perfect for days out or visits to the shop, whilst still allowing you to have plenty of space when walking. This bag is manufactured in a certain way that it can fold up with rollator when not in use. The bag can be attached using straps supplied with the bag and can be removed off the walker with ease._


  • Uniscan Triumph Rollator


    The Uniscan Triumph is the perfect 3 wheeled walker. The design of this walker combines the manoeuvrability of a 3 wheel walker with a comfortable seat which is normally on a 4 wheel walker. The seat on the rollator can be folded away easily for transportation or to give you extra space for when you’re walking.

    The Triumph also features a unique frame locking mechanism so that it locks in place for when you’re sitting down. In addition to this feature, the rollator also includes a handy bag, a walking stick holder, lockable loop brakes and adjustable height handles.



  • Walker Basket and Tray

    £18.99 (£22.79 inc vat)

    This lightweight walker basket and tray enables you to carry a variety of items whilst protecting them. The detachable tray can be used for carrying drinks or meals from one room to another. The basket and tray can easily attach to the frame of your walker by clipping over the top of it._

    The basket measures at a total of 8″ (21cm) high and 12.5″ wide. Please note that this tray is only compatible with the Lightweight Tri-Wheel Walkers.

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