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  • Excel Quest

    £1,199.99 (£1,439.99 inc vat)

    The Travelux Quest is a compact and easy to use Powerchair with a small turning radius. The powered wheelchair features a height adjustable footplate, flip up arms and a comfortable seat.

    Maximum Battery Range: 20 Miles
    Maximum Speed: 4 mph
    Maximum User Weight: 115kg

    Please contact us for more information on this product, or to arrange a free home demonstration.



  • Karma Ergo Traveller

    £1,894.99 (£2,273.99 inc vat)

    The Ergo Traveller features flip back armrests, an elevating leg rest and a max user weight of 115kg. The Ergo Traveller is known for its lightweight and maneuverability, making it ideal for indoor use. In addition, it can be dismantled into three sections, making it easy for transportation and storage.

    The Ergo Traveller features:

    • Ergonomic seat
    • Height adjustable footplates
    • Height adjustable flip up armrests
    • Wipeable upholstery

    Please contact us for more information on our powerchairs, or to arrange a free home demonstration.

  • Karma Leon

    £3,294.99 (£3,953.99 inc vat)

    The Karma Leon powerchair is built for people who want to go outdoors and indoors with ease. This powerchair gives the user both comfort and stability, ensuring your safety in and out of your home. The Karma Leon is a rear wheel drive allowing the user to stay secure, and features a narrow wheelbase and full suspension making maneuvering in your home easier.

    Speed: 8mph
    Range: 27 Miles
    Max User Weight: 140kg
    Length: 106cm
    Width: 63cm
    Class 3


  • Motion Healthcare Aerolite

    £1,999.00 (£2,398.80 inc vat)

    The Aerolite offers simple intelligent design and is the ideal powerchair for the occasional traveller looking for the combination of indoor manoeuvrability and use on pavements and in the shops.

    The design was created with ease of use as a priority so with just a simple pull or push the Aerolite is folded or unfolded. With its tension adjustable back, adjustable arm rests and flip up footrest the Aerolite continues to boast some of the features of more advanced powerchairs but at a much lighter weight of just 18kg (20.5kg with batteries) it is even more travel friendly.

  • Pride Go-Chair


    The all-new Pride Go-Chair is re-engineered from the ground up, offering a sleek, bold new style available in an array of contemporary colours. The Go-Chair offers enhanced comfort and performance, along with 5 piece assembly which allows you to take it anywhere with ease.


  • Pride I-Go Powerchair

    £1,795.00 (£2,154.00 inc vat)

    The new i-Go powerchair is specially designed to fit inside any small space, making it the ideal portable powerchair. This powerchair features advanced folding technology, front suspension, durable seating system and under seat storage.

    Speed – 4mph
    Maximum Range – 6.2 Miles
    Max User Weight: 18.5 Stone
    Length – 87cm
    Width – 47cm
    Class 2

  • Pride Jazzy 600 ES


    The Pride Jazzy provides superb performance and outstanding stability. Its compact design and standard Active-Trac? ATX Suspension allow it to perform incredibly_indoors and out, making it a superb, all-around power chair choice.


  • Pride Jazzy Air 2

    £2,995.00 (£3,594.00 inc vat)

    At the touch of a switch, the Jazzy Air 2 elevates in just 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 4 mph while elevated, allowing users to enjoy face-to-face social engagement. With Mid-Wheel 6 Drive and Active-Trac Suspension, the Jazzy Air 2 offers enhanced performance and stability both indoors and out.


    • Height adjustable head rest
    • Active-Trac suspension
    • Front & rear LED lights
    • Compact lifting mechanism
  • Pride Jazzy Select 6


    The highly maneuverable Jazzy Select 6 range delivers the advantages of in-line motor technology for enhanced efficiency, range, and performance. Furthermore, it’s loaded with high performance and convenient features, like the standard Active-Trac Suspension, making it easy to use. As a result, you will have the best of both worlds with it’s luxury comfort and high maneuverability._


    • Speed – 4mph
    • Range – 15 Miles
    • Battery Size – 34amp
    • Max User Weight – 136kg
    • Ground clearance – 2.4″
    • Portable – No


  • Rascal P327 Mini

    £2,395.99 (£2,875.19 inc vat)

    The P327 XL is a heavy duty outdoor/indoor powerchair with durable full suspension and a comfortable cushioned seat. This powerchair delivers great performance as well as an excellent range, and then offers the user a smooth ride.


  • Roma Vienna

    The Roma Vienna is an extremely compact and lightweight Powerchair that allows you to negotiate tight turnings and doorways with ease. The Vienna is not designed for outdoors, but it can be used on flat paved areas.

    • Transportable
    • Max speed of 4mph
    • Weight Capacity of 18 Stone

    Please contact us for more information on this product, or to arrange a free home demonstration.


  • SupaChair Sport

    £2,195.00 (£2,634.00 inc vat)

    The SupaChair Sport has been specially designed to be highly maneuverable indoors/outdoors. This simple designed power chair features a unique dual spring seat column that provides the user with extra legroom and a comfortable ride quality. When it comes to storage, the SupaScoota Sport can break down into two parts, making it easy to store or place in a car boot.

    Weight: 40 kg
    Length: 91 cm
    Speed: 4 mph
    Ground Clearance: 4.1″
    Max User Weight: 19 Stone



  • TGA WHILL Model C

    £4,795.00 (£5,754.00 inc vat)

    Introducing the WHILL Model C, bringing powerchairs to the next level. This powerchair performs great indoors and outdoors, and features an innovative design to give you the best experience possible. This futuristic powerchair shows off outdoor versatility, speed, range and the ability to be transported into any car with ease. The powerchair also features a narrow frame and responsive controls, making it the perfect powerchair.

    • Unique omni-wheel system
    • All directional wheels
    • Responsive control systems
    • Compact 23.6 inch wide frame
    • Movable arms for easy transfer
    • Dismantles into 3 parts that fit neatly into a car boot
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