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  • All Window Canopy

    £499.99 (£599.99 inc vat)

    The all window canopy features large zippered roll up doors on both sides of the canopy for easy access either side. The mobility scooters lights are still visible and effective for use at night. The price includes the canopy and the fitting, and it can be fitted onto most medium to large scooter.

    Available in multiple colours.

  • Bar End Mirror

    £16.99 (£20.39 inc vat)

    This mirror is an ideal product to have on your scooter to check the rear end. Pulled in to fit through any doorway, customers will therefore find this product suitable for most portable and mid-size scooters that we offer.

  • Folding Canopy

    £544.99 (£653.99 inc vat)

    This folding canopy is the ideal product to have during the winter as it is completely weather proof. This canopy can simply fold away neatly behind your seat making it suitable to use anywhere. This canopy is also supplied with brackets that fit the majority of major scooter brands._

    The folding canopy is supplied with a cover. For fitting, please contact us immediately to see how we can fit it for you._

  • Kardinal Crutch Bag

    £44.99 (£53.99 inc vat)

    This strong durable bag is ideal for any wheelchair and most scooters with or without a headrest. This bag can be easily accessed by the user, and the front pocket can be reached with ease. This bag allows you to store both your crutches in, or store your walking sticks in.




  • Motion Elev8

    £849.00 (£1,018.80 inc vat)

    The Elev8 is the perfect travel companion for anyone who struggles to lift their mobility scooter or powerchair in and out of the car boot.

    For those that don’t want or need a solution for lifting that is permanently fixed to a single vehicle the Elev8 allows you to load and unload your scooter or powerchair into any vehicle that it will fit, with no fitting required

    The lightweight (10kg) platform lift simply plugs into your scooter/powerchair and at the press of a button lifts up to 50kg to boot level to allow you to easily transfer anything in and out of the boot.

    With its 2 safety straps, stabilising legs and locking castor wheels to ensure your load is secure the Elev8 takes the most difficult part of most day to day journeys out and ensures it’s as simple as possible.

  • Polycarbonate Canopy

    £599.99 (£719.99 inc vat)

    The polycarbonate canopy is our top of the range canopy, offering a rigid 2mm polycarbonate front screen and increased protection from the outside elements. The screen also comes with UV protection. Much like the all window canopy, it offers large zippered roll up doors on both sides of the canopy for easy access either side.

    Available in multiple colours.

  • Rear View Mirror

    £16.99 (£20.39 inc vat)

    This mirror attaches to the end of handlebars and doesn’t make the scooter any wider. This product is suitable for most portable and mid-size scooters with standard handlebars._

  • Scooter Cosy

    £44.99 (£53.99 inc vat)

    This quitted, thermal fleece acts as a sleeping bag for the lower body. The advantage is the open base that enables you to position your feet on either side of the tiller. Your feet will remain dry with nylon shoe protectors._

  • Scooter Leg Cape

    £35.99 (£43.19 inc vat)

    Designed to offer you support from wet and cold weather, this leg cape drapes over your lap and legs to offer both warmth and comfort when out. This waterproof and windproof leg cape comes complete with a smart inner lining of navy fur which adds to the comfort. This product can easily attach by fastening the cape around your waist or over the shoulders._

  • Scooter Poncho

    From £52.99

    The sleeved poncho is ideal for keeping you dry in poor weather. It’s easy to put on and makes sure your legs stay dry. This product is available unlined or with a removable fleece lining for warmth._

  • Scooter Seat Cover

    £19.99 (£23.99 inc vat)

    One of the biggest problems is coming back to your scooter and finding the seat is soaked. This waterproof seat cover is designed to fit over the headrests, and can securely fasten across the back of the chair with Velcro._

  • Scooter Storage Cover

    From £34.99

    The Scooter Storage Cover is the ideal product for protecting your scooter from rain or dust. This lightweight waterproof protector features elasticated corners that secure around your scooter. This cover is ideal for storing your scooter in a shed or garage.

    This product is available in two sizes and can be easily folded down when not in use.


  • Tiller Cover

    £17.99 (£21.59 inc vat)

    Specially designed to fit all scooter control panels, this cover protects all the electronics enabling to maintain full control of the handles and brakes._

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