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  • Freerider City Ranger 8

    £1,685.00 £1,585.00 (£1,902.00 inc vat)

    The Freerider City Ranger 8 is a compact, class 3 mobility scooter that is ideal for pavements and tougher terrains. Whilst being easy on the eye and easy to drive, the City Ranger 8 also boasts some impressive features such as responsive steering, comfy suspension and full headlights. 


    • 8mph
    • All round suspension 
    • Full headlights & indicators 
    • Rotating captains seat 
    • Responsive steering 
    • 4.5 inch ground clearance
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  • Freerider FR1

    From £3,449.00

    A pleasure to drive, with looks to take pride in, plus a host of comforting safety features and handy extras you’ll find useful every day, the FR1 is the next-generation Class 3 scooter for anyone who takes pride in their ride. 

    • Elegant handling 
    • Sporty looks
    • LED lighting and indicators 
    • Mono rear suspension 
    • Fixed twin mirrors 
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  • Freerider Kensington

    £1,685.00 £1,585.00 (£1,902.00 inc vat)

    The Freerider Kensington is a robust and elegant 8mph mobility scooter that is ideal for days out. The Kensington is both comfortable and comfortable on the road, with a long 55″ wheel base. The Freerider features simple controls, rear-view mirror, front and rear lights and indicators, making sure you feel safe and secure in the Kensington. 

    Key Features:

    • Suspension 
    • Simple controls 
    • Front and rear lights 
    • 13″ pneumatic tyres
    • Padded captains seat
    • 5″ Ground Clearance
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  • Freerider Landranger S

    £2,495.00 £2,295.00 (£2,754.00 inc vat)

    The Freerider Landranger S is built for the great outdoors with high ground clearance, full suspension and a comfortable seat.


    • 8mph
    • Shock absorbers & all round suspension
    • Compact dimensions
    • Rough terrain capabilities
    • Lights front and rear
    • 5 inch ground clearance
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  • Freerider Landranger XL8

    £3,495.00 £3,395.00 (£4,074.00 inc vat)

    The Landranger XL8 is an impressive all terrain mobility scooter that can carry up to 30 Stone. This scooter is built to last, with a sturdy double wishbone suspension and shock absorbers at the rear.

    • Double wishbone suspension 
    • Twin shock absorbers to the rear 
    • Water resistant LCD dashboard 
    • High ground clearance 
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  • Freerider Mayfair 4

    £1,099.00 (£1,318.80 inc vat)

    The Freerider Mayfair 4 mobility scooter is an excellent all round mobility scooter, and is one of the most popular mobility scooters on the market today. It is extremely comfortable, practical and reliable.

    • Captain seat standard
    • Front and rear lights
    • 25 Miles range
    • Adjustable tiller
    • Pneumatic tyres
    • Indicators
    • Rear-view mirror
    • Rear bag for walking sticks
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  • Invacare Colibri

    £825.00 (£990.00 inc vat)

    The Invacare Colibri is a stylish and simple lightweight scooter, designed for people who want to get outdoors more. Conveniently, this scooter can be taken part with ease, making it ideal to take with you for travelling. This scooter offers great maneuverability, making it suitable for tackling tight corners.

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  • Invacare Comet Pro


    The Invacare Comet Pro is a combination of stylish looks and maximum performance. The Invacare Comet Pro offers the user exceptional driving features and modern aesthetics, therefore making it one of the most popular mobility scooters.

    • Speed – 8mph
    • Range – 30 Miles
    • Battery Size – 75amp
    • Max User Weight – 160kg
    • Length: 145cm
    • Width: 66cm
    • Class 3
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  • Invacare Comet Ultra


    The Invacare Comet Ultra offers the user a secure and supportive driving experience, ensuring you stay safe whilst travelling to your favourite shop. This scooter comes packed with many features, like an extra wide 26″ seat for added comfort, and adjustable lumbar support to allow further comfort when seated.

    • Speed – 6mph
    • Range – 36 Miles
    • Max User Weight – 34 Stone
    • Length: 145cm
    • Width: 66cm
    • Class 3
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  • Invacare Leo


    The Invacare Leo is an impressive mobility scooter that is designed to handle pavements and uneven terrains with minimal difficulty and comfort. With an impressive range of 23 miles, it can go further than any other scooter in its class.  

    Safety is a key feature of the Leo, but this does not detract from its stylish and sporty looks. The Leo is setting its own standard in the market in terms of their safety and design.


    • Front and rear lights
    • Can be easily dismantled for storage 

    • Adjustable seat 
    • Brake light
    • Front basket 
    • Anti splash guards 
    • Very Comfortable seat
    • Adjusting tiller
    • Indicators 

    • LED battery indicator
    • Rear crutch bag

    Kardinal Independent Living offer a wide range of mobility scooters to suit different requirements, so please take a look at our other products. If you need advice, can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions, feel free to contact us on 01903 232326 or use our contact form.

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  • Invacare Orion Pro


    The Invacare Orion Pro is the pinnacle efficiency and quality. This mobility scooter has enhanced battery performance, superior suspension and large 12?? wheels. If you’re_an individual who needs that extra performance and stability, then look no further.


    • Speed – 8mph
    • Range – 32 Miles
    • Battery Size – 75amp
    • Max User Weight – 155kg
    • Lengh – 132cm
    • Width – 65cm
    • Class 3
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  • Kymco Agility

    • 12″ low profile pneumatic alloy wheels
    • Agile midi-size 8 mph scooter
    • Smoked lens
    • Waterproof LCD dash with full odometer
    • High ground clearance

    What’s Included? 

    • 6 Months Warranty
    • A Full Service and perfect working scooter
    • Free nationwide delivery
    • 14 Day money-back guarantee
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  • Kymco Komfy 4

    £1,295.00 (£1,554.00 inc vat)

    The Komfy 4 mobility scooter has been designed to provide the user with manoeuvrability, comfort, style and performance all in one. The Komfy 4 has proven to be a very popular scooter as it is one of the easiest scooters to use on the market. The Komfy 4 is easy to operate with its wrap-around handlebars, allowing you have a safe and easy drive.

    • All round suspension system 
    • Easy to use controls 
    • Delta Tiller as standard 
    • Easy to use controls 
    • Captains seat 
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  • Kymco Komfy 8

    £1,795.00 (£2,154.00 inc vat)

    The Kymco Komfy 8 has been designed to provide you with manoeuvrability, comfort and performance all in one. The Komfy 8 is packed with the same features as the Komfy 4 but has a max speed of 8mph. This scooter features long range 45ah batteries, allowing you to travel long distances.

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  • Kymco Maxer

    • 12v power socket – charge your mobile phone on the move!
    • Ultra comfort, oil damped, all round suspension system
    • On board storage facility for convenient safe storage
    • Low consumption LED front and rear lighting

    What’s Included? 

    • 6 Months Warranty
    • A Full Service and perfect working scooter
    • Free nationwide delivery
    • 14 Day money-back guarantee
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  • Kymco Maxi XLS


    The Kymco MAXI XLS is the ideal mobility scooter if you are looking for a scooter that has both style and durability. The Kymco Maxi XLS can also travel incredible distances of up to 35 miles, making it perfect for a day out.

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  • Kymco Midi XLS


    The Kymco Midi XLS has proven to be one of our most popular scooters due to its sleek style and great performance. The Midi XLS from Kymco is the new and improved version of the popular Midi XL and is a unique, slimmed down version of the ever-popular Kymco Maxi XLS. 

    What’s Included? 

    • 6 Months Warranty 
    • A Full Service and perfect working scooter
    • Free nationwide delivery
    • 14 Day money-back guarantee 
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  • Kymco Mini Comfort

    From £975.00

    The Kymco Mini Comfort is the perfect scooter if your looking for a small lightweight scooter. This scooter features front and rear lights, a very comfortable seat and a delta tiller. _The Mini Comfort also features an advanced new suspension system, allowing you to have a smooth and steady ride.

    • Speed – 4mph
    • Range – 12 miles
    • Battery Size – 22amp
    • Max User Weight – 127kg
    • Length – 1080mm
    • Width 520mm
    • Height: 860mm
    • Class 2

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  • Kymco Super 4


    The Kymco Super 4 is designed to handle longer journeys when tackling tough terrain compared to other 4mph scooters. The high back comfort seat with slide function ensures that you can get a comfortable experience when travelling long distances.

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  • Pride Apex Rapid

    From £995.00
    • Portable mobility scooter with suspension
    • Breaks down into 5 components
    • Compact pavement scooter
    • Front LED light

    What’s Included? 

    • 6 Months Warranty
    • A Full Service and perfect working scooter
    • Free nationwide delivery
    • 14 Day money-back guarantee
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