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  • Balmoral Luxury Memory Extra

    From £349.99

    The Balmoral Luxury Memory Extra combines an 80mm deep layer of memory foam, with an Aloe Vera Coolmat interlayer cover, to provide the ultimate luxurious mattress. Therefore, this mattress is perfect for those who are looking for a soft mattress with pressure relieving qualities._

  • Hyperfoam Mattress

    From £359.99

    Our Hyperfoam castellated pressure mattress has been developed for users who often get pressure sores. The three-layered Hyper-elastic foam core and castellated out foam provide pain relief for users suffering from back pain. As a result, you can rest assured knowing you will get a good nights sleep with this mattress._

  • Kensington Luxury Pocket Foam

    From £289.99

    This mattress combines specially created coil-springs, each within their individual calico pockets and contained by a high-tensile webbing._

  • Windsor Standard Memory Foam

    From £259.99

    The Windsor Memory Foam Mattress contains high-quality Venteel memory foam layered over a supportive firm base. The ideal choice for those requiring a good firm mattress.

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