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  • Balmoral Luxury Memory Extra

    From £349.99

    The Balmoral Luxury Memory Extra combines an 80mm deep layer of memory foam, with an Aloe Vera Coolmat interlayer cover, to provide the ultimate luxurious mattress. Therefore, this mattress is perfect for those who are looking for a soft mattress with pressure relieving qualities._

  • Bradshaw

    The Bradshaw bed is an electrically operated fully profiling bed developed specifically to assist people with mobility problems.

    Single profiling models – 2’6’’/ 3’0’’/ 4’0’’/ 4’6’’
    Dual profiling models – 4’6’’/ 5’0’’/ 6’0’’
    18 stone capacity 
    Wide choice of fabrics available 
    Variable height and length options available

    Starting from £899


  • Cantona

    The Cantona bed is specifically designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. The bed comes supported by hardwood legs, which allows you to store all your essentials underneath. The bed can also adjust through infinite positions giving you the required comfort you need.

    • 18 stone capacity (26 and 36 stone upgrades)_
    • Hoist and over-bed table compatible_
    • Wide choice of alternative fabrics_
    • Length 6’3_

    Please get in contact with us if you require a bespoke design, as we have a range of different headboards, fabrics, drawer options and legs.

    Starting from £799


  • Euro 3000 – Twice Avant

    • Concealed brake castors in round metal feet_
    • Widths available in 140 cm / 4’6″ – 160 cm / 5′ – 180 cm / 5’9″ and 200 cm / 6’6″.
    • 2 lifting or IV sockets at head end
    • Wood work in Wenge, Bavarian beech or white

    For more information on this product, please contact us so we can discuss different colour options and prices for your bespoke design.

    Starting from £2149


  • Euro 4000 Deluxe Adjustable Bed

    Available in 6 colours, this height adjustable comfortable single bed is perfect for helping you get out of bed in the morning. The bed allows you to use less effort when getting out of the bed with its controller to adjust the angle. Having this bed will mean that you will no longer have to bend down to make the bed and it will make changing the sheets much easier.

    Available in 5 different widths: 90,110,120,140 and 160cm.

    Please call us or use our contact page to request further information on pricing and options.

    Starting from £1750


  • Euro Design – Twin Action Bed

    This bed is the ideal solution for people who require a nursing bed for two people who need help getting out of bed.

    • Electrically operated back rest and leg section_
    • Epoxy coated metal work and available in different wood finishes
    • Head board, foot board, side panels and base all in wood beech.

    For more information on this product, please contact us so we can discuss different colour options and prices for your bespoke design.

    Starting from £1999


  • Hyperfoam Mattress

    From £359.99

    Our Hyperfoam castellated pressure mattress has been developed for users who often get pressure sores. The three-layered Hyper-elastic foam core and castellated out foam provide pain relief for users suffering from back pain. As a result, you can rest assured knowing you will get a good nights sleep with this mattress._

  • Kensington Luxury Pocket Foam

    From £289.99

    This mattress combines specially created coil-springs, each within their individual calico pockets and contained by a high-tensile webbing._

  • Sandringham Luxury Pocket Sprung

    From £279.99

    This pocket sprung mattress is specifically designed for profiling beds._Each coiled spring is individually pocketed in quality calico to allow for independent movement of the springs during profiling action. The sides of the mattress are also contained with high-quality webbing helping to create the flexibility a profiling mattress requires._

  • Windsor Standard Memory Foam

    From £259.99

    The Windsor Memory Foam Mattress contains high-quality Venteel memory foam layered over a supportive firm base. The ideal choice for those requiring a good firm mattress.

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